MS update: Cool things I’ve done lately

Cool things I have done lately:

  • Watched the movie Flight. I can’t speak highly enough of that movie, or of Denzel‘s performance. WOW.
  • Got to where I can balance on my bad leg for 30 seconds.
  • Learned that for 15 years I have held my cane in the wrong hand. Walking better now that I know how to use my cane.
  • Bought a new router, and hooked up my old one as a repeater in my living room, massively extending my home wi-fi coverage. #geekthrills
  • Watched the movie Perks of Being a Wallflower. Loved it. I haven’t felt that amazing at the end of a movie since the final credits rolled on The Breakfast Club in 1985.
  • I saw a client today. It felt amazing to sit there doing what I do best.
  • Spent two hours at the office today (Tuesday), and plan to spend at least two hours there tomorrow through Friday. I feel like I’m starting to re-engage with the world, coming alive again.

Tingling and buzzing has been really intense the last week, enough that I have become frustrated or depressed a few times, but the tingles are signs of healing, which continues at a rapid pace. Feeling has returned to my legs, and probably about 80% of the way to my feet as well. The pain I was struggling with over the weekend has begun to abate and is now pretty tolerable most of the time. I shook off the weekend depression and am in better spirits.


I am a licensed counselor in Michigan. I also teach for Spring Arbor University part-time and supervise post-grads during their 3,000 hours of required work under supervision.

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