What is MS

I was diagnosed with MS on December 5, 1990. You never forget a day like that.

In that time I have read scores of web pages that describe what MS is and give a brief overview, but I just found my favorite. If you have been reading some of my updates but still don’t think you understand how MS really works, this is the place to go.

There is an excellent video featured on that site that I have placed on this page as well (below). Still, you will want to go to the webpage and check out the article if you want to understand the four different types of MS and the differences between them.

The different types of MS are a big concern for us folks with MS, because about 85% of the least severe type of MS (relapsing-remitting) turn into a more severe type (secondary-progressive) at some point in the course of the disease.

I hope the video below is helpful for you, and you can get a pretty in-depth but easily understandable medical explanation here.

Another helpful and brief video:


I am a licensed counselor in Michigan. I also teach for Spring Arbor University part-time and supervise post-grads during their 3,000 hours of required work under supervision.

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