MS Status Update: 5/7/2013

I went into the hospital almost three month ago, was in for five days, and have been slowly journey-ing back to health ever since. Probably to those of you who don’t live in my home (which, last I checked, is all of you but four people!), progress seems swift and dramatic. To me it feels extremely gradual, sometimes almost imperceptible.

I am writing today because there is some great news to share.

  • Today marks the fifth day out of the last six that I haven’t used my cane. It feels amazing.
  • I am starting to feel whole again and, to be honest, I didn’t imagine a few months ago I would ever again feel as strong and healthy as I have felt much of the past week.
  • I have recovered most of the feeling below my waist. Feet are still noticeably numb, but drastically improved. Still slight tingling sensations from the waist down, but the intense buzzing episodes  that felt unbearable are mostly gone.
  • I am spending a great deal of time back in the office, and getting caught up on a lot of things.
  • At Planet Fitness the other day, I couldn’t resist trying to run for the first time since last December, and I ran slowly (about 5 mph) for 40 seconds. My legs buzzed like crazy for a few minutes after that, but it hurt so good!
  • A few days later I ran again at the same speed, this time for about sixty seconds. I haven’t tried again since then, but I now know I CAN. I thought all hope of ever running again was lost, and those were some joyful moments for me this week.
  • My new class for SAU begins tomorrow. I am ready, and so excited to start teaching again.
  • I have substantial lingering weakness in my left hip, which is the reason I have used a cane for so long. However, now that my senses of balance and proprioception are mostly back intact, I have intentionally set aside my cane to force myself to put more weight on that leg, in hopes that it will help me continue to gain back lost strength.
  • Working out my legs at the gym like crazy.
  • Very little bad news. The occasional bad day is still really frustrating because with each good day my hopes and expectations get higher. It feels good to have so much hope again.
  • I looked in the mirror the other day and — for the first time since at least December, maybe before that – I liked what I saw. The dark circles and bags under my eyes are going away. I look, and usually feel, far less exhausted.
  • Christy pointed out how pale I am after spending months indoors and inactive. I am doing very low-level tanning to bring some of my color back.
  • I’m taking Vitamin D supplements, praying and meditating regularly, working out consistently, and monitoring my diet well.
  • I am occasionally plagued by substantial anxiety and not sure why, but continuing to work my program is the best I can do.

I thought you might like a very upbeat report. Thanks for your love and prayers.




I am a licensed counselor in Michigan. I also teach for Spring Arbor University part-time and supervise post-grads during their 3,000 hours of required work under supervision.

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5 comments on “MS Status Update: 5/7/2013
  1. So Glad God is in control,
    Praying for you!!!

  2. Nina Flowers says:

    I can’t even begin to describe how happy and thankful I am for this update.

  3. Sharon Truxton says:

    I am so happy for you. I know it has been a long and frustrating road you have traveled. Just remember God is with you every step of the way. +

  4. Steve says:

    Glad to hear things are going so well my friend.

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