Dave Ramsey Obamacare video definitely NOT for “Republicans and Democrats”

There’s a video gaining momentum on Facebook right now, presenting itself as a calm, balanced, and non-political take from Dave Ramsey on Obamacare. The video is definitely calm. Ramsey shows that he has a good heart, which I’ve never questioned. And he insists a half dozen times that this video isn’t politics, it’s just math. But it’s politics on a grand scale, and only a right-wing true believer would not recognize that. See for yourself.

At one point Ramsey says that if insurance companies are mandated to cover everybody, including millions of really sick people, they’ll either a) go broke, or b) double your premiums.

This seems logical and even necessary, but there’s another consideration. The individual mandate was instituted exactly for this reason. Once insurance companies are covering sick people they will be paying out more money in claims, but there’s an ALSO. They will ALSO be receiving premiums from millions of newly enrolled people who are reasonably healthy and will not be filing many claims, and in some cases none at all.

That is the reason the individual mandate is necessary. Covering everyone including sick people can only work if you are also covering everyone including healthy people.

This is so obvious as to be misleading.

Another factor here is that the main reason Obamacare was instituted was actually not to do something kind and compassionate, as Ramsey says. It was to control the rate of increase in medical costs. Obamacare is specifically intended to bring costs down. Does Ramsey really not know this? Now, if that does not work, and we end up with medical costs at greater than 1/6 of the economy (like it is now), then Obamacare has failed, regardless of the fact that everyone will be covered. If costs continue to increase, this won’t be feasible for anybody.

Next, Ramsey claims that actuarial tables and analyses are “not rocket science, you could probably do it in the eighth grade.” That’s completely untrue. Actuaries are very highly paid precisely because their work is unbelievably complicated. Does Ramsey really not know this?

I like Dave Ramsey. He has been instrumental in changing my life. But he keeps repeating “this isn’t political” because it’s so very political. He’s overlooking facts that are directly pertinent to what’s going on here because if he considers them he can’t make the points he wants to make (which are political points). I certainly cannot believe he simply doesn’t know these things.

All of his points about social security, private investment, etc. are standard conservative politics. This is so disingenuous exactly because he presents it as non-political. But when he uses words like “communism” and “socialism” he betrays his real attitude. Can conservatives seriously watch this video and believe it’s non-partisan?

Insurance is collective, by definition. That’s how it works. Always, with no exceptions whatsoever. And if we want to talk about being forced, how about the fact that at this moment you (and I) are ALREADY being forced to pay premiums to cover the healthcare that non-insured people receive at the ER? One reason costs are out of control is because we’re already paying these costs for uninsured people, without the counter-balance of everyone paying in.

As far as being “forced,” you are already “forced” to have your car insured if you’re going to drive on our public roads and highways. Anybody griping about that? Why do you have a “right” to refuse insurance and leave me screwed over when you run into my car? Why do you have a “right” to refuse medical insurance and leave me screwed over when you get sick and go to the ER?

For his gun analogy to be reasonable, he’d have to set it up so that I’m already in a system where I’m already paying for guns for people who don’t have them. That’s the reality with healthcare to begin with. You’re already paying for it, and you’re already being forced.

This video is only “fair” and “even-handed” to people who already believe these non-arguments, which is to say, it’s pure partisan hackery masquerading as fairness about Obamacare. If you want fairness about Obamacare, see my Facebook wall, where I have put dozens of credible articles stating both the reasonable pros AND CONS of Obamacare (scroll down a little — it was early last week).

My point in this video is not that I know everything about Obamacare, it’s simply that Ramsey isn’t even close to coming out with all the information people need. He’s doing exactly what he claims to not be doing, which is just spewing more right-wing propaganda. He’s a smart man so it’s hard for me to believe he doesn’t know this information I’ve provided, but perhaps he doesn’t. Unfortunately, this video will just spread more half-truths and misinformation.


I am a licensed counselor in Michigan. I also teach for Spring Arbor University part-time and supervise post-grads during their 3,000 hours of required work under supervision.

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6 comments on “Dave Ramsey Obamacare video definitely NOT for “Republicans and Democrats”
  1. Tom Jones Ross says:

    It will fail then, exactly as you assert…because it will not succeed in bringing down medical costs. Your article remains suspicously silent on exactly how Obamacare will bring down costs, which as you indicate is the main reason for Obamacare? This analysis is baseless.

    • You missed the point of my article. The point was that the Ramsey video was not an unbiased, non-political piece, as he kept stating, but was actually right wing propaganda. I showed this beyond question.

      I don’t know if it will bring costs down, and neither do you.

  2. M. Watson says:

    All of Dave Ramsey’s ideas are based in personal responsibility. That is more in line with a conservative viewpoint. The idea that the government should take care of people is not consistent with Dave Ramsey so I see his speech as being very consistent with his views. So what if he is a Republican. That does not mean that his ideas don’t apply to both parties and he should not be required to disclose that. The rules don’t change just because of what you believe. The underlying beliefs of Republicans are more in line with his views on finances. In fact, most people who know a lot about financial issues agree with the conservative viewpoint. That should tell you something. Idisagree with your logic on how health care will cost less. I guess time will tell, but everything that I see makes me believe otherwise. We need to be responsible for ourselves and not ask others to take care of us. If you truly believe in Dave Ramsey, then there is no debate over this. I would be disappointed in him if he wanted the government to live up to a different standard. What he is saying is just this – that if you believe in DR concepts, then you should believe in personal responsibility. If you believe in personal responsibility, then I don’t see how you can support a government program that continues to degrade personal responsibility, or more appropriate, ask force some people to pick up the slack for those that don’t.

    It seems to me that you missed the point of his speech. You let your own political beliefs get in the way.

    • Thanks for reading, M. It was actually you who missed the point, as my post made perfectly clear. [Please also see my response to Tom Jones Ross, as you made the same mistake he did with regard to my post.]

      “If you truly believe in Dave Ramsey there is no debate”? Well then — that solves everything!

      As far as most people who know about finance having conservative views, most people with advanced degrees in practically everything else are liberal. For years we have known about the inverse correlation between level of education and likelihood of being conservative. Conservatives usually want to say that’s because the more education you get, the more you are “indoctrinated” in liberal views. But we exempt the few fields where the experts are conservative and take their education seriously? I’m confused.

  3. SteveK says:

    Has anybody looked into how Dave does math? He downplays the importance of low interest rates, instead being an ideologue about being out of debt. I’d rather not spend all my emotional energy getting out of debt, but would rather use a math-based approach to budgeting and spending

  4. Honey says:

    Right on, David Flowers. Ramsey talks about math, but he forgot to add the fact that one of the mandates is all people must have health insurance which means there are a lot of healthy people out there paying in now too.

    The logic is that if everyone is paying in, healthcare cost will decrease (over time) since there aren’t uninsured people getting treated but not paying their bills. It’s kinda like shoplifting. Retailers aren’t going to take the loss, the paying customers will reimburse them by paying higher prices. The hospitals aren’t going to take the hit, they are going to raise the prices and in turn, the insurance companies will raise their premiums. Insurance rates have been increasing the whole time. We are seeing a temporary hike because now people with pre-existing conditions cannot be declined. Actuaries are figuring this in their “math” equations.

    Federal subsidies to assist people with premium payments are available for different income levels and based on the number of family members in households. These subsidies won’t be around forever, but the aren’t meant to be…assuming the cost of healthcare decreases as logically planned. Time will tell for sure (5-10 years).

    There is so much more to this and I don’t have the time right now to go deeper. Dave Ramsey certainly didn’t go deeper, he was only scratching the surface to promote more fear among the uneducated. Dig a little deeper folks. Oh, I’m a licensed health insurance agent for 45 states, so I know a thing or two about “Obamacare” as it’s been termed. The positive outweighs the negative.

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