About Me

I am a blogger, university professor, pastor, licensed counselor, guitar player, husband, father, writer, reader, thinker, coffee/book/music lover, and perpetual status quo questioner. That means, basically, that whatever is isn’t good enough and probably needs to be tweaked until it’s some other way. Which will then need more tweak-age, etc.

But I do most of the heavy lifting thought-wise on my “main” blog over at DavidKFlowers.com. I blog over there about spirituality, including church, church leadership, and how church can be done better; and about mental health, focusing mostly on information that can improve the quality of people’s lives. Here I write about politics, pop culture, technology, and blogging. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis on Dec. 5, 1990. This website is also where I keep my friends, family, and all else who wish to be informed about the status of my struggle with MS.

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