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How I Became a Liberal, prt. 3

View part one of this series View part two of this series I returned home from that trip completely discombobulated. For many years after that I continued to identify politically as a conservative, but I stopped listening to Rush and

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How I Became a Liberal, prt. 2

View part one of this series Experience 1: In graduate school, I met a woman 20 years older than me named Susie, and somehow we became fast friends. She was the most liberal person I had ever known, and she

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How I Became a Liberal, prt. 1

I haven’t always been a liberal, but I have always been a person who thinks deeply. To be honest, I never even realized until well after high school that I was a deep thinker. I just assumed that everyone thinks

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Review of San Andreas

San Andreas will not get any awards for its screen play, which is utterly forgettable. But you will not forget this movie. It is positively epic, full of destruction and mayhem on a scale I have never seen on screen.

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Simply Continuing to Demand Evidence Does Not Change the Fact that Evidence Has Been in for a Long Time

Mrs. Obama: I Feel Alienated, and That’s Proof of America’s Racism The writer of this article in National Review makes some valid points. One’s personal experiences do NOT necessarily reflect objective reality. I have no argument with that. But Obama’s,

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